Savvy School Owner

Let's show you how to collect all your school fees payments within the first 2weeks of resumption every term

How success happens

In a few easy steps, here is how savy school owners succeed!

Activate your school

You are already on SchoolsCompass, activate your school to make it super easy to collect payments from your parents Activate my school now!

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Payment Invoice

Setup your fees structure and generate payment invoice for your parents. Send invoice to parents via hard copy prints, email or SMS

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Fees Payment

  1. We provide a hassle-free payment methods for your parents. They can pay online or from any bank branch in Nigeria.
  2. Your parents are automatically enrolled in a low interest school fees loan program. once they qualify for the loan, we pay their wards fees directly to your school
  3. Parents are equally enrolled into an automatic school fees savings program. We make automatic monthly deductions from their accounts and pay your school once school fees are due
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Instant Business Loan

Once you activate your school and use the system for a term, your school can request a business loan and have it approved & paid into your bank account in 24hrs

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Fees Management

  1. Give and track dynamic discounts automatically
  2. Accepts and track instalment payments from parents
  3. Accept fees from multiple payment channels (Online and bank branch)
  4. Send automatic payment reminders to owing parents via email and SMS

Why Allpro?

Here are the benefits of using this system in your school

Automatic Fees Reconciliation

No more manual fees payment reconciliation. All fees paid through various banks are automatically reconciled and insightful reports generated

Boost Enrollment

We leverage on our partnership with SchoolsCompass to help school owners boost enrollment and promote their school brands online

Timely revenue collection

Our offerings for parents ensures that school owners collect up to 80% of their revenue withing the first 3 weeks of resumption in an academic term

Convineince for parents

We make fees payment easy for parents by providing a hassle free payment process and access to low interest loans for fees payments. we equally provide an automated savings solution that allow parents save towards fees payment.

Financial Insights

We provide visibility on your school’s financial performance, for a speedy and more reliable loan approval process for our lending partners

Automatic Payment Reminders

Send automatic payment reminders to your owing parents weekly.

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