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Simple School Solution

Allpro offers finance and data management platform that provides financial-access solutions within the Nigerian school ecosystem

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Information System

Manage all your school processes on one platform. Monitor your finances, improve your customer care and manage your school's data

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Fees management

Allpro Technologies offers an accounting and fees management platform that helps school owners track all their finances and most importantly get paid on time

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Cashflow Facilitation

We facilitate each school’s cashflow by making it easy and convenient for parents to pay their child’s school fees through a stress-free integrated platform for invoicing, payment and tracking.

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Access to Loan

We use data management services to provide and improve access to finance by collating and analyzing each school’s financial data into comprehensive information for banks and potential lenders.

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Timely Fees Payments

Parents pay school fees with ease, facilitated by flexible and organised payment process and loan facilities. We ensures that school owners collect up to 80% of their revenue within the first 3 weeks of resumption in a given academic term

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Organised, Efficient and reliable way to reach out to your school's community. Reach your parents through integrated calendar system on their smart phones and emails

How it works

  • Sign up   your school on the Allpro platform
  • Once you sign up, we'll guide you through uploading all the required data.
  • Once setup is complete, you can go ahead to generate invoices for all your students on the platform
  • Parents can login with their username and password to either pay for the invoice, or request a loan. Once the loan is approved, The invoice is automatically paid by the lender
  • You can equally manage your students, parents, teachers and all critical processes in your school from the platform

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