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Simple finance
solution for schools

Allpro is the future of school financing and management in Africa. We create value at the intersection of education and finance.

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We are on a mission

Our mission is to Facilitate the free flow of finance and data in the school ecosystem.

With Allpro, everyone wins

Allpro provides tools for critical players in the education ecosystem


Have fewer parents defaulting on payments and also access capital for infrastructure development and cashflow financing.


Provides a hassle free way for parents to pay school fees, save towards it or pay with a low-interest microloan.


Our partnerships with microlenders gives them access to a whole new market with none of the marketing and due diligence costs

How success happens

In a few easy steps, here is how school owners succeeds with Allpro

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Create an Account

Signup up with your email and phone number to profile your school, then setup your fees and classroom structure. Upload your parents and students information

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Generate Payslips

Based on your fees structure, generate payment invoices and automatically send them to parents via email and hardcopy prints.

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Early Fees Payment

Let's get it striaght, You want to get all your fees within the first 2 weeks of resumption! Allpro helps you achieve that by providing hassle free ways for your parents to pay fees ontime

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Working Capital

You don’t need to wait for your invoices to get paid in order to pay your expenses or grow your business. Allpro provides the option to turn your fees recivables into revenues.

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Watch your school grow

Allpro automatically tracks your money and ensures that 80% of all your receivables are collected 3 weeks into a given term. The convenience for parents allows you to super charge your enrollments. Allpro solutions equally provides you with other critical tools you need to manage your school.

You are in good company

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Why Allpro?

Boost Enrollment

We leverage on our partnership with SchoolsCompass to help school owners boost enrollment and promote their school brands

Timely revenue collection

Our offerings for parents ensure that school owners collect up to 80% of their revenue withing the first 3 weeks of resumption in an academic term

Convenience for parents

We make fees payment easy for parents by providing a hassle free payment process and access to low interest loans for fees payments. we equally provide an automated savings solution that allow parents save towards fees payment.

Financial Insights

We provide visibility on a school’s financial performance, for a more reliable loan approval process for lenders

Verified Data

Shorter due diligence and financial assessment process due to Verifiable customer data

Guarantied Repayments

For School loans, Allpro provides a reliable process where repayments are splited directly to lenders

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